Turnip 4 Two is the remake of the classic Tennis for Two Game, now with portals, bouncers and exciting new gameplay.

Play challenging Co-Op levels in casual mode or battle your friends in whacky arena levels!

And if you’re not in the mood for local multiyplayer, play against the AI and see who wins.

This game was developed in 3 days by the Bachelor class 16′  in Game Design  at the Zurich University of Arts in 2017.

‘Turnip for Two’ is available for download on Itch.io:

  • Aaron Abt
  • Tom Barylov
  • Olga Brykina
  • Tim Bürge
  • Sebastian Cator
  • Viviane Christen
  • Oliver Detig
  • Benjamin Gilli
  • David Hunziker
  • Chris Elvis Leisi
  • Alexandra Martin
  • Emma McMillen
  • Oliver Sahli
  • Leander Schneeberger
  • Basil Sutter
  • Ava Thalheim
  • Larissa Wild


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