My role: Project Manager/Lead.

NIRAL is a class project which was produced during our first semester of my Game Design studies at the ZHdK (2016).
The project topic was “A Night at The Toniverse”.  “Toniverse” is a reference to our university campus called “Toni Areal”.  The given genre was a 2d point & click adventure.
After a visual concept contest, our game ended up becoming a 2d “Drag and Drop” adventure. The player’s goal is to reunite the different tribes by solving a variety of puzzles and famine misery in a dystopian and fantasy setting.
17 students worked on this project for a little more than 3 weeks.
Coordinating all teams and preserving a steady effective workflow was crucial in order to have a stable and pleasing result for our game project.
A detailed workflow chart, a Gantt chart, and regular meetings and decision making were what structured the development progress. Some of the students were given multiple roles during the different phases of development and all of us had to sculpt one of the scenes.


Aaron Abt

Tom Barylov

Olga Brykina

Tim Bürge

Viviane Christen

Oliver Detig

Moritz Dreier

Benjamin Gilli

Anna Hegyaljai

David Hunziker

Chris Elvis Leisi

Alexandra Martin

Oliver Sahli

Leander Schneeberger

Basil Sutter

Ava Thalheim

Larissa Wild